Help Us Decide On Signage

We are all moved in to our new office and now we need to make decisions on the 'less important' things. One item is indoor signage.

As you can see from our 360 views, we have a nice brick wall when you walk into our office. It wasn't cheap but we like brick.

The question is, do we put our logo up there or do we put something more interactive, like a flat TV?

So we asked a local signage company to give us a quote on putting our logo up and this is what he came back with:

RustyBrick Brick Wall With RB logo

I am not too happy with it. So I thought, maybe we should mount a TV on the wall? Here is what that might look like:

RustyBrick Brick Wall With TV

Technically, we can do more things with the TV. But is that really better?

What are your thoughts?

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