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SphinnCon Israel - A Success

Published March 10, 2010

JPost SphinnCon ImageThis past Sunday, March 7th, I helped organize the second ever largish SEO event in Israel. The event is a small Search Marketing Expo event named SphinnCon and it is the second time we had it in Israel. I flew in to Israel to participate in my nephew's bar mitzvah and also help coordinate and run the SphinnCon show. Actually, the first time we held a SphinnCon in Israel was for my oldest nephew's bar mitzvah.

In any event, the SphinnCon show is now over and I am honestly happy to say that it was an extremely fun and educational event. We tried to balance enough time between networking and holding sessions, but with such a short time frame of only six hours and so much content - I am sure we didn't have enough of both. But at a price point of only $50 per attendee, I think we did an excellent job.

I have an extremely detailed review of the SphinnCon Israel 2010 event at my search blog, so read it there. I did want to share that we sold out two months before the event, and we had people waiting at the door on Sunday, hoping people would not show, so they can get a seat. People indeed did not show, so we were able to let some of the people at the door in at the event. Next year, I hope we can accommodate everyone. What number would be need to accommodate to have "everyone"? I am thinking 400 to 500 SEMs.

The best part of running the event is that it helped bring together SEMs and SEOs from across Israel. It also got some major press in one of the largest papers in Israel, the Jerusalem Post. This helps put SEOs and SEMs on the map in Israel. Here is a copy of that article at JPost.com and here is a picture from the printed version:

Me & SphinnCon in Jerusalem Post on March 9, 2010

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