The Legend of Zelda​!

As some of you know, I also have a passion for search engines and how they work. I spend a nice bulk of my mornings, typically 7am to 9am, every day writing content around search engines, SEO, PPC and so on. On the site I founded over six and a half years ago, the Search Engine Roundtable, we do special design themes for special days. I wrote about those themes in the past, but today's theme is special.

Today is Video Game Day, it is every year on July 8th. You celebrate the day by remembering and talking about old video games you played or playing them. Since today is not video game Friday, where RustyBrickers get together and play video games, we won't be playing video games, but Mabe did release an awesome The Legend of Zelda theme for Search Engine Roundtable.

Here is her incredibly creative theme:

Video Game Day at Search Engine Roundtable

Let me just share some of the random chatter from RBers about Zelda today. It all started when one person suggested that we take the day off, which I replied saying that Zelda was a hard worker. And it continued...


And Zelda was about rescuing a princess! And carrying way more things than humanly possible at all times... and using a boomerang to retrieve things, again not humanly possible, but that idea seemed to catch on quite well.
don't forget to go in every single stranger's house, and smash every single clay jar they have.
Next year, I say do a Space Invaders theme. I can still vivadly remember the christmas morning that my sibling and I woke up to find an Atari 2600. I was hooked ever since.

Let's not forget Google's very cool and interactive Google Pacman Doodle.

What are you doing for video game day?

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