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Geeking Out The Artscroll iOS App With 3D & Color Coding

Published March 8, 2013

ArtScroll Digital Library App IconAs many of you know, we released the Artscroll App back in July of last year and as you know, good enough, is never good enough for us. We are always looking for ways to utilize technology to enhance the app experience, especially when we build apps that can improve Jewish life and learning. Lucky for us, we are working with an outstanding partner, Artscroll and the Schottenstein and Wasserman families to really go above and beyond with this technology.

The latest release of the Artscroll App, which you can download here has a bunch of new features but I wanted to call out two. (1) color-coding for highlighting question, statement, answer, inquiry and proof within the daf and (2) 3D scenes of a courtyard to help explain the complex laws of eruvin.

Color-Coding The Artscroll Talmud:

By working with the amazing technology team at Artscroll (especially Mayer Pasternak) and the Mesorah Foundation, the XML schema for the talmud is finally at a point where we can color code text blocks (not just hyperlink) based on the statements or blocks being question, statement, answer, inquiry or proof. The Mesorah scholar team dug deep to 'tag' the vilna to make this all possible. This takes learning the talmud to the next level.

The color coding is done on both the vilna side and the English view. Here is a picture:

ArtScroll App Color Coding

3D Scene Imagery:

Imagine not just learning the talmud in black and white text but really understanding it with pictures, but not just flat pictures - 3D images that you can feel like you are walking through in real life. With the new 3D view you can zoom in and zoom out, see an aerial view of the cases and even rotate the scene 360 in all directions.

Here is a arial view, followed by me standing on a roof top:

ArtScroll App 3D View

ArtScroll App 3D View

What about the iPhone version, is it supported? You bet it is!

ArtScroll App 3D iPhone ArtScroll App 3D iPhone

Oh and on retina iPhone (or iOS devices), look at how sharp it is (note, I downsized the graphic for faster loading):

ArtScroll App iPhone Color Coding

Again, you can download the app for free over here. Give it a try and geek out your talmud learning experience.

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