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Optimum Not Good Enough for Me

Published October 29, 2006
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You've probably heard about the "Triple Play" from Optimum Online a.k.a Cablevision. When I moved last to my beautiful 2 bedroom duplex in Blueberry Hill, I ordered it. How can you lose with Cable TV, Cable Internet and VOIP over the cable too? All for under 100 bucks a month. The switch was easy. I already was using both the cable and internet from Cablevision. I just needed to switch from Vonage to Optimum Voice. There were a few features missing: no caller id on call waiting, no phone # transfers (needed a new number), and the web based admin lacked some of vonage's pizazz. But for the money, it was just perfect. Then the promotion year went up. I, like most people, said "ehh, I'll just continue with them because it easier." I was paying for HBO and many other channels which I rarely watched. I was also paying $10 a month more then I needed to on my phone service. Well eventually, after seeing my increased bill every month, decided to be more optimum then optimum could provide. The typical approach would be to get a Tivo. Tivo's are awesome and all, but that just increases the monthly entertainment bill. I really don't need to be entertained that much. I came up with this novel idea to Cancel My Cable! You might be thinking that means switching to dish, but that was not the case. I actually called cablevision and told them to just give me antenna usage and drop all of my other plans. They gave me hell. They are like, you break this promotion and that promotion and this price will go up and that feature won't be available. It was typical cablevision. I didn't care. I just didn't want them to suck my hard earned money. The plan was as follows:
  1. Switch back to Vonage. Their customer service sucks, but they have a very good service for a very good voice. It's the best balance. I needed a new # again. No one calls me any more :) But that is the price you pay.
  2. Sign up for Blockbuster Online. After careful research, Blockbuster's rental seemed to be the best bang for the buck. 2 movies out at a time/unlimited a month and 2 in-store rentals a month. We eventually switched to Netflix due to all of the issues with Blockbuster's speed and poor quality control.
  3. Downgrade Cable to Antenna. It took a few hours on the phone convincing cablevision that I did in fact want to remove their service. They seemed to have issues with people removing their service. They also have lots of tiny things in their contract (which you don't even see or sign).
  4. Put a message about new # on old #. Switching phone #'s when using voip requires you to keep your old account open for around a month to let people know your new #. The phone company used to give you this service for free, but this is the internet and they don't want to anymore.
  5. Remove Optimum Voice after 30 days. After people got to know my new #, I called cablevision yet again to remove the optimum voice service.
The final step of the conversion has not occurred yet. I have a HDTV. All broadcast channels broadcast HD signals in the air for free. All anyone needs is an HD antenna and a HD Tuner. The prices are a bit high for the tuner, but the antenna is fairly inexpensive. If I weren't living in an apartment, I would have purchased an outdoor HD antenna and an HD Tuner. Then I would cancel my antenna service from cablevision. This would provide me with HD shows on my HDTV without paying a cent per month. I would only pay for equipment. Being in an apartment, my reception stinks and I would most probably not be able to mount an outdoors antenna on my roof. Well, I will get there eventually. Conclusion I've never been happier with my entertainment. I now watch what I want to watch commercial free. It has all of the features of a Tivo since its recorded already. I am saving hundreds of dollars a year and watching more of the shows that I want. We can still see the prime time stuff on the old TV if we want or have the option to watch one of the videos we got in the mail from netflix. Now isn't that what entertainment is suppose to be?
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posted by Cable Hater on: Aug 22, 2007 09:04pm

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