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Setting Up Google Ad Manager On Your Site or Blog

MARCH 25, 2008

Last Updated: 03/25/2008

It has been about two weeks since Google launched Ad Manager. Most people do not even have access to the new beta ad management software, but for some reason, I always had access...

HMS Home Warranty is a Scam

JANUARY 8, 2008

Bought a new home. Inspector told us the boiler reached it lifetime but was still working. We decided to get a home warranty to cover us if the boiler were to give up within the first year. We acquired the house and everything was fine, for a week. After that, we started smelling fumes from the boiler room...

Where is my Dinosaur?

SEPTEMBER 10, 2007

I preordered my Pleo on Amazon months ago and I have no patience for it's November delivery. That is just too long. We have lots of plans for Pleo. During the work week, we will be training him around the office...

Why I did not buy an iPhone

JULY 2, 2007

I am a long time Apple fanatic. So everyone thought I would be on line with everyone else. No, not for me... yet. First of all, I love Apple technology. But I always try to wait until the 2nd gen. It's always much cheaper, better designed and luxurious...

Quick Art Site

MAY 15, 2007

I forgot to mention a nice quick site we did,

The Citrus Peeler

MARCH 7, 2007

I love oranges. I do. For as long as I can remember, the most I've ever used to open an orange was a knife. Well, I am married and my wife introduces me to lots of new kitchen gadgetry. Today's kitchen gadget is the Citrus Peeler...

Where Wit & The Written Word Unite

MARCH 7, 2007

Today, I officially launched The Witty Word. The site was for my father-in-law who wanted to take a long-time history of writing speeches, poems, and bring it to the web. The site features a clean design, keyword targeted content, dynamic ordering process and PayPal merchant services...

Stay in Shape the Techie Way

JANUARY 29, 2007

Who needs a Wii when you have a Xavix! Sitting on my comfy couch watching The Biggest Loser with my wife, both my wife and I were exposed to the Xavix system. Jackie Chan went through the US with this mat that resembled something like Dance Dance Revolution. The kids in school were having a ball with this thing...


DECEMBER 5, 2006

My lovely wife Civia must have been listening to me this year. She bought me a robot. Ok, so it's a vacuum. It is still a geeky robot and it is a pleasure to watch it motion. My daughter Bailee is in love with it too. She is going to be a real geek.

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