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Search Engine Strategies New York 2004 Conference

FEBRUARY 27, 2004

Well, next Monday I will be at the New York City

RustyBrick Team 2 - 0 Beating Bubba's Bagels

FEBRUARY 26, 2004

Last night's game was one of those really exciting games. Up by 10, down by 10, etc. Last minute down by one and pulling out a win. With a few seconds left on the clock we drove, dished, scored and got fouled. Three point play...

Convert to Mac

FEBRUARY 26, 2004

I have always been a Microsoft windows user. I am now looking to buy a new laptop. I have heard some great things about Macs. I am seriously considering buying the PowerBook G4. It'll be an adjustment for me one that is probably well worthwhile.

RustyBrick Team Wins First Game

FEBRUARY 24, 2004

We played our first game last night against Tuvia's and we beat them 80 to 71. Benjy Tilson was our lead scorer with 27 points. Our defense was solid but our offense needs some work. Our next game is Wednesday night at 7:45 against Bubba's Bagels. Bubba's Bagels has a 2 and 0 record. Stay tuned. :)

New PowerBook G4 15 Inch

FEBRUARY 23, 2004

I've decided to buy the new PowerBook G4 15" Apple laptop today. My current PowerBook G4 will be sold and it currently retails at about $1,300, not bad for a 1.5 year old computer. It runs fine, I am just a sucker for new machines with added features...

Slow Windows Machine

FEBRUARY 20, 2004

A few days ago, one of my wife's friends called me with a computer issue. Her machine was taking a very long time to load and wasn't working very well. She has a 1.8 GHz Dell running Windows XP. She was also getting these annoying pop-ups. So I went by and did my usual "slow machine maintenance" routine...

PHP, GD, and XML

FEBRUARY 19, 2004

Have a complex, dynamic image to produce? The best way to describe it's content is to use XML. XML inhibits expansion to the feature set of the image. One main issue with XML is that it is annoying to deal with. The solution is to define a class that describes the image and can produce XML...

Yahoo! Search Debuts - Google Left Behind

FEBRUARY 19, 2004

A couple days ago,

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