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Mabe's Creative Journey

OCTOBER 14, 2009

There is something to be said about my parent's ingenuity, they did a good job naming me. There are only a couple of other people online that share my first name. I have been "blogging" since before the term existed and nowadays my first name is also a domain name...

Scribblenauts Game Review for Nintendo DS

SEPTEMBER 24, 2009

Scribblenauts is a puzzle solving video game for the Nintendo DS made by 5th Cell. The goal of the game is to help the protagonist, “Maxwell” complete puzzles to fetch and earn “starites”, which are big glowing stars...

Happy 8th Birthday, Internet Explorer 6! (Please Die Now)

AUGUST 26, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday, Internet Explorer 6! (Please Die Now)

It's a call I get frequently...

Where is all the High Tech, Sesame?

AUGUST 24, 2009

My kids are finally old enough for some serious vacationing.  This year, my wife and I joined the thousands of Americans and brought our kids to Sesame Place.  It was a hot day and as expected, there were lots of people everywhere.  To my surprise, however, there was not much technology...

RB + Video Games + UFC

AUGUST 24, 2009

It probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone, but many of us here at RustyBrick enjoy video games. Well, that may be an understatement. There are a few of us that REALLY enjoy video games, myself included. We also happen to be very competitive...

Enhancing Matzah with Tomato Salad

MAY 19, 2008

Today marks a special day in the Jewish calendar, Pesach Sheni. Literally, the second Passover, Jews have a custom to eat a piece of matzah. The standard rules of Passover do not apply today, so I decided to enhance my matzah with some yummy tomato salad that my wife made me...

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