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Water Cooler Flood

MAY 25, 2010

I see a gathering of coders outside my office, around the water cooler. They are trying to find out why the water cooler is leaking all over the place. One said to look for a hole in the bottle. After some investigation work (almost used windex to find the hole) we found it...

Embed Google's Pac-Man Doodle

MAY 21, 2010

People have been asking how they can embed the Google Pac Man Doodle on their web pages.  I decided to pull together a quick embed code to allow people to do so, as long as Google keeps the files live...

My Google Wave Review

MAY 13, 2010

I signed up for Google Wave a few weeks back to check out the hype. A few days later I was given access. I wanted to use Wave among our table-top gaming group...

Twitter Sold Me A Car

MAY 7, 2010

Image credit: bubblefriends on flickr

I have always been a fan of Twitter, but I would never have imagines I would have bought a car using Twitter. Yes, three years after joining Twitter it led to me buying a car, well - leasing a new car...

Long Emails? Call Them

MAY 4, 2010

Anyone who knows me, I am not a fan of using the phone. People know I am obsessed with email and look for ways to prevent people from calling me. But even I, yes me, admit there are times when a phone conversation is more efficient than email...

Foursquare Specials

APRIL 26, 2010

Foursquare announced a new business section to allow businesses to place specials on their Foursquare venue pages and print decals to be placed on their doors or windows.

Last week I was able to get a special on my venue, RustyBrick on Foursquare. But as of yesterday, my special was taken away...

Paper Selling During Earth Week

APRIL 23, 2010

Image credit: darthperson on flickr

Just an hour ago, we received a phone call from a paper supplies company. I ultimately did not end up speaking with the sales person...

Sarah Palin's Yahoo Email Hacker Could Get 50 Years??

APRIL 20, 2010

David Kernell, a 22-year-old student at University of Tennessee will stand trial on four felony charges related to his “hacking” of Ex-Governor Sarah Palin’s e-mail...

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