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Embed Google's Pac-Man Doodle

MAY 21, 2010

People have been asking how they can embed the Google Pac Man Doodle on their web pages.  I decided to pull together a quick embed code to allow people to do so, as long as Google keeps the files live...

Streaming Your Tweets

MAY 17, 2010

You might have seen Twitter feed boxes in the sidebars of websites such as www.cartoonbarry.com. Did you ever wonder how those self-updating widgets work? They're made possible by a data format called RSS (and ATOM and XML) and a little bit of JavaScript...

Vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer Lead to German Ban

JANUARY 21, 2010

I'm back to continue beating the dead horse. I hate Internet Explorer... and not just IE6. I hate Internet Explorer 7 too. Internet Explorer 8 fixed some of the issues of its predecessors, but in my eyes, it's still subpar when there are so many alternatives available...

Use Google Page Speed Tool to Speed Up Your Site

NOVEMBER 17, 2009

With the vast majority of internet users surfing on high speed broadband connections (94% of active internet users in the USA), should we, as website owners and developers, even bother optimizing and shrinking our code, content, and resources? Yes! To stay ahead of your competitors, you want to have lightning quick...

Google Releases Closure, Tools that Made Gmail, Docs, Maps

NOVEMBER 5, 2009

Google has just released what appears to be their entire library of JavaScript packages that they've used across all of their web applications (Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs) to keep a common look and feel and provide a consistant cross-browser experience...

Hacking Polldaddy - Faking the Votes and Exploiting Poll Daddy

NOVEMBER 1, 2009

As many of you know, RustyBrick had a Halloween contest and a PollDaddy poll was set up in order to vote for the winner. It was going to be a tough race. First of all, Mabe had an outstanding satyr costume. Both Jimmy and Joe submitted adorable shots of their children all dressed up...

Prototype JS vs jQuery - A Comparison

OCTOBER 29, 2009

var $j = jQuery.noConflict();

Prototype vs jQueryBefore I joined RustyBrick I had been coding basic JavaScript functionality into websites mostly "by hand", in other words, without using a well defined third party package...

Google Patches Problems in Internet Explorer Because Microsoft Won't

SEPTEMBER 23, 2009

Still using Internet Explorer 6,7, or 8 and cannot or do not want to upgrade? Google now has a solution for that: Chrome Frame. I'm noticing a pattern here. First Google releases Chrome, a lightweight speedy web browser, in September 2008...

Google's Virtual Keyboard & Prototype JavaScript

SEPTEMBER 16, 2009

Google recently stepped up their multiple languages game by adding support for additional languages in their Languages API. This includes nine new typing layouts for their drop-in virtual keyboard typer for form field controls...

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