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java using J2EE VS php (MVC)

MARCH 2, 2004

With all the commercial tools that help you build java apps that adhere to the J2EE architecture it seems a much smarter way to develop than just using architecture similar to MVC using PHP...

Infinite Depth

FEBRUARY 18, 2004

A client wanted to have his products broken down into sub categories. Instead of creating Tables for each layer (i.e. a sub category table) I created a single table with a parent id field which points to the id of the parent category (which is the primary key on this same table)...

Poor Data Entry of Phone Numbers

FEBRUARY 17, 2004

How many of you out there have phone number fields without any validation or formatting? I did. Today, I wrote a script to go through a database of contacts and "clean up" phone numbers and fax numbers. The script works as follows:

Campaign Management - Awakening Old Leads

FEBRUARY 16, 2004

A client came over today and we had a long discussion on how to build a module on to his current application that will help him managed his campaigns for each group of prospects his company targets. Currently we set certain canned but yet customized responses to occur on a set interval through cron jobs...

HTML Emailing via Fax

FEBRUARY 13, 2004

Today was my intro to HTML emailing. The task at hand was too take a previous RTF attachment and convert it into HTML so it could be faxed via a Email-to-fax service. This in itself isn't the catch. The real catch was that the RTF's are generated totally dynamically so the HTML has to be able to do that as well...

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