English iPhone Chabad Siddur Now Available

We are very happy to announce a new version of the iPhone Siddur is available. Version 5.2 brings Kehot (Chabad) English upgrade, an updated Tefillin mirror for the iPhone 5, a ton of Nikud (vowel) cleanup, a ton of crash fixes and many more updates.

We have an English iPhone Siddur for all nusachs within the Siddur now. That includes Ashkenaz, Sefard, Sefarad Mizrachi & Chabad (Kehot version). With the Chabad upgrade, you first need to upgrade to the Kehot version of the Siddur to be eligible to upgrade to the English Kehot version.

Another major thing you will notice is that the vowels / nikud is much better places. We found a way to hack it to position those nikuddim in a better position and it really does make a big difference.

You can learn more about the iPhone Siddur or our other apps over here.

To download the Siddur, search for RustyBrick in the app store or click here.


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