Two RustyBricker's On Jury Call The Same Week

Jury DutyWhat are the odds that two people in the same 15-person company, living in different states, would be selected to be on-call for Jury Duty the same week? What are the odds? Are there any statistics on the likelihood of that happening?

Well, this week, two RustyBrick coders were on call to potentially sit on a jury. Both Ronnie and Jimmy were scheduled this week. Jimmy is based in New Jersey and he had to show up Monday, luckily for my sake, he was excused. But Ronnie is in New York and he has to call in each night this week to see if they want him to report. Tomorrow, as per his call in tonight, he has to report and see if he will be selected.

I mean seriously, what are the chances? Why didn't one postpone? Honestly, I ask myself the same question.

So I sent Ronnie and Jimmy some tips on how to get out of Jury Duty from a web site. It also had a great video, check it out:

I was summoned but rescheduled to the week of Thanksgiving. It worked out to my benefit and they cancelled all cases that week.

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