Ajax - The Guinea Pig

Ajax, Alex's PetI guess I have been living in some type of hole, I just found out that Alex's (@FesikTheWise) pet, a guinea pig, is named Ajax. Yea, Ajax, as in the web technology used often these days. I 'interviewed' Alex, not Ajax (although I would have, if Ajax could talk) about his pet.

Barry: When did you get AJAX?
Alex: Over the summer. I had a guinea pig when I was a kid. When I moved into my new place, I decided to pick him up.

Barry: When did you name it Ajax?
Alex: I got everything a guinea pig would need. From the cage down to the vita-drops, then I got him [Ajax].... and then realized I still hadn't picked out a name. Not surprisingly, I thought of it at work. Then went home and the name kind of stuck.

Barry: Funny! Does Ajax play on your computer?
Alex: Are you crazy!? I don't even let my girlfriend play on my computer!

Here is a video of Ajax eating a muffin for breakfast:

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