Preview Of Our New Space

RustyBrick MovedAs many of you know, after ten years, we finally moved to a new space. It has been a bit hectic but we are all moved in now and things are settling down. We still have a lot more to do, like get signage, new chairs for some of the areas, new conference room table and a lot of small things - but it is shaping up.

Overall, we have so much more space. Space for the developers and designers, space for our servers (not in photos), space for a dedicated kitchen and conference room and many more offices. We even have a lounge area, which we need to hook up a TV or something in there.

I wanted to share 360 degree images of the space for those who can't make it to visit us. You can click on the image and spin it around:

Entry area (need signage):

Main pit area:

Lounge off the pit:


Conference Room:

Joe's Office:

Jimmy's Office:

Ronnie's Office:

Barry's Office:

So what do you think?

FYI, I used the 360 Panorama app for this.

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