Our Very Own Kippahs

RustyBrick Kippah Yarmulke Today, we received a surprise package from rushIMPRINT, a promotional product company. The package included five RustyBrick embroidered Kippahs (see Wikipedia for what they are).

I have a lot history with branded Kippahs. It started back when I ordered an LED Kippah, which I never got. Then I got a McCippah during the Presidential elections and for Passover, I bought a Matzah Kippah. So this addition to my collection is really appreciated.

So Joe & I put them on and had a picture taken. What do you think?

RustyBrick Kippah Yarmulke

Now, the big question is, will our wives let us wear them in public? Honestly, I don't see why not - but time will tell.

Thank you rushIMPRINT for the awesome skullcaps! rushIMPRINT is also on Twitter @rushimprint and on Facebook at facebook.com/rushIMPRINT.

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