Passover Office Cleaning

no breadPassover is around the corner and it is an interesting time here at the office. Besides the fact that the bosses are out for part of the holiday, there is the whole process of cleaning the office of all "Chametz" from the office. It basically means, we need to get rid of the bread and foods that contain from the office (which is almost everything).

We actually clean out our fridge and lock up any food that is classified as Chametz in a closet. This year, I printed a picture of a loaf of bread and placed it on the food closet. Here is a picture:


Jimmy walked by the sign and said, "that is the best picture you could find?" I said, "yip" and then sent him a link to

no bread

So Jimmy gets smart with me via AIM, let me share the AIM stream:

Jimmy: i dont think google understands the NO part
Jimmy: after the first row they all contain lots of bread
Barry: ill tell them u said that
Jimmy: seriously, that will help me get that China job
Barry: try
Barry: if u knew how to search...
Jimmy: there is definitely no bread on that page.
Jimmy: see using your no -bread
Jimmy: you could have found a great picture like this for the cabinet


Barry: yea, it was a tough call between that and the one i picked
Barry: also this one was up there


Jimmy: see that's why you are the boss. The ability to make the tough decision
Barry: yip yip

This is how we clean for Passover.

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