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Public Speaking: The Faces Looking Back At You

Published December 12, 2013

SEMNE LogoLast night, I spoke in New Haven, Connecticut to about 50 or so small business owners on the topic of SEO. The presentation was named "What startups need to know about seo." It was for SEMNE.org and you can see the presentation slides at slide share.

Typically, when I speak, it is in front of hundreds of people, normal size crowd is over 250 people. So last night was a bit unusual in that the audience was a bit smaller than normal. That gave me the rare opportunity to actually get to see the full reaction of the individual people in the audience. There was one guy who was actually making me uncomfortable most of the night. He kept staring at me with this look of painful confusion, while everyone else seemed mostly happy. At some points, that guy's painful confusion expression seemed to not really be confusion but just the way he consumes information. He was not confused, just consuming.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to recreate the expressions I noticed when I was giving my presentation last night. Here is my attempt at that.

"Oh, I get it!"

audience speaker reaction facial

"Does that really work???"

audience speaker reaction facial

"I love you!"

audience speaker reaction facial

"Blank stare"

audience speaker reaction facial

"Painful confusion guy"

audience speaker reaction facial

"He didn't just say that, did he!"

audience speaker reaction facial

"Huh, what did he say?"

audience speaker reaction facial

Thankfully, I didn't see any of this going on during the hour and a half talk I gave.

audience speaker reaction facial

After the presentation, I was asked where can people hear me talk more. Well, SMX Israel I'll be talking a lot, so make sure to be there. Outside of that, I rarely speak unless I am pushed hard to speak or paid. So if you want me to speak, let me know and we can work something out.

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Barry Schwartz is the CEO of RustyBrick, a New York Web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales. Barry is also the founder of the Search Engine Roundtable and the News Editor of Search Engine Land. He is well known & respected for his expertise in the search marketing industry. Barry graduated from the City University of New York and lives with his family in the NYC region.

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