RustyBrick BBQ 2010

RustyBrick BBQThis year we held the RustyBrick annual BBQ on the Sunday prior to Memorial Day. When I say "annual," I am not telling the complete truth. The first time we held a company BBQ was in 2008, you can see pictures here. We then didn't hold the BBQ last year, I think simply because we forgot, possibly due to becoming a Dad.

It is hard coordinating times for these events. As we grow, handling personal schedules for more and more people is challenging. Although not everyone made it to the event this year, it was still a good time had by all. The picture above was one of the few I could share.

We were able to capture a landmark event at this year's BBQ. Alex for the very first time in his life, ate a piece of watermelon! Here is the video of his first bite of watermelon:

Congrats to Alex! And here is to an even better BBQ for next year!

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