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Why I Blog: To Make My Boss Money

Published October 14, 2009

Lego Blogger OK so my boss is of the belief that blog posts generate web traffic and in turn business / revenue / profits.

That is not surprising considering that we are a Web development firm well entrenched in the SEO market. The more content we have, the more of a chance there is that they will find us on the web. Brand Recognition 2.0 Its not about the large billboard on the New York State Thruway it’s about the showing up in the organic results of Search Engines. What better way to generate content for your company blog than to have your employees’ blog regularly. So whenever I feel like taking a break I try to blog. When I opened my text editor to start writing something the first thing that came to mind is "my boss is bugging me, I am trying to work and he keeps asking me to blog," so I decided to write down why he actually makes sense.

In short (believe it or not this is the short least boring way of saying it): Search Engines continuously crawl the web and read web pages. They then save the information from the page in their database (storage repository). When someone searches for information the search engine (Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and others) will search their database and show relevant results. The more information (unique pages of content) you have on your site or blog the bigger the chance of you showing up in results. Sort of like the lotto. If you have five tickets you have a five in a trillion chance of winning.

This is why my boss wants me to blog more.

I am sure there are people everywhere especially small business owners who keep getting the same advice from people. "You should really start a blog and write regularly on it". They always ask "Why"?

Well I hope they 'Google' their question find this blog post and contact us to build them a web site with a blog.

For more information go to Crafting Search Engine Friendly Blog Entries

Oh, by the way, if you do speak to my boss, please tell him I sent you. ;-)

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