Welcoming Gianna Mildred To The RustyBrick Family

Welcome Gianna Mildred BergaminiWe would like to welcome the 6th baby girl born to the RustyBrick family! Steve Bergamini, from the RustyBrick Team, and his wife, had a beautiful baby girl Tuesday morning. The baby is named Gianna Mildred.

Both the baby, mother and even the father are all doing well.

Did you know that RustyBrick only brews baby girls? Of the total of 6 kids born while working at RustyBrick, all of them are girls - not one boy. In fact, we are expecting our seventh girl to be born in days from now. So if you want a girl, just come work at RustyBrick, the odds are pretty good that your next child will be of female gender.

Huge congrats to Steve, his wife Elaine on the beautiful baby, Gianna.

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