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Driving My Car & Surfing The Web: Best Of Both Worlds

MARCH 27, 2006

News.com has this excellent news video clip named MSN TV wants to go for a ride with you. This video takes you through a service to be released in Summer of '06, that will enable you to surf the Web while driving your car. MSN and Verizon Wireless teamed up to provide an "in-car broadband system...

Why you should use fgetcsv() instead of explode

MARCH 17, 2006

Some programmers think it is okay to use explode to split up a CSV file (usually a csv file is comma separated but sometimes it is tab separated or even some other separator is used). The reason it is a bad idea to use a simple explode is because your data can easily contain the separator in the content...

Welcome In Binary Floor Mat & Door Mat

MARCH 9, 2006

My fiance bought me the most fabulous gift. She bought me a Welcome In Binary Floor/Door Mat from ThinkGeek.com. She likes it because it looks pretty. I like it because it is incredibly geeky. The zeros and ones represent the word "welcome" in binary code. How nice...

Google Maps Address Bug?

MARCH 7, 2006

My mailing address is the city of Spring Valley, but I am physically located in the village of New Hempstead NY. I was looking at google maps trying to get map of my area. When I entered my address in as XX YYY St Spring Valley, NY google gave me five options the were not my address...

Communication Between Clients And Developers

MARCH 7, 2006

Some days clients and developers do not speak the same language. It is not that it is the clients fault or the developers fault but they seem to be thinking on two different levels...

AJAX Sudoku

MARCH 1, 2006

My wife and I are addicted to Sudoku. It's the latest game that everyone is playing nowadays. We've played on numerous sudoku programs, paper, palm and have found the features we like the most. There was one thing missing with all of them... you play by yourself...

New Apple Hardware Arrives - Apple Display & PowerBook G5

SEPTEMBER 28, 2005

Ronnie has upgraded his workstation to the Power Mac G5. The machine is speedy with 1.5GB of RAM, Dual 2.3GHz PowerPC G5, and much more. The machine is huge, the liquid cooling is pretty cool as well, since the fans go in slow motion, compared to real computer fans. Overall, nice computer...

Programmers Love Caffeine: But How Much is Too Much?

AUGUST 23, 2005

I thought it would be funny to place this under the programming tools section, since we all know caffeine is a programmers life blood. A colleague sent me a link to a blog entry named Death by Caffeine which basically tells you how many cans of Mountain Dew, RedBull, Coke, Coffee and so on would actually kill...

Database Security

JULY 20, 2005

I'm sad to say that most programmers still don't give enough attention to security related topics. Rustybrick is concerned with security, and this is a glimpse at our practices and patterns that minimize database security risks, otherwise known as "tainting SQL" or "SQL insertion attacks." Read on to see.

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