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Phone Company Woes - Broadview Networks and Verizon

APRIL 2, 2004

Based on a client recommendation, I selected to go with Broadview Networks as my company's phone service provider. They are simply a Verizon reseller, so I guess most of the fault is on the shoulders of Verizon...

RustyBrick Basketball Team 4 and 2

APRIL 1, 2004

Big win last night after winning the first two games and then losing the next two. We were able to pull off two wins, bringing our record to 4 wins and 2 losses. Very nice distribution of points last night, that means the ball moved around well. Points were spread out amongst the top three as 24, 18 and 18 points...

VBScript (ASP) and Why it is not the Way

MARCH 31, 2004

The past few days have been pretty annoying. I've been working in ASP using VBScript, fixing up a site for a customer. I noticed a few things that made me think, "do people who write vb really think their language is really powerful?" Some of the issues I've run into: 1) Code is messy...

Windows 2000, Utility manager and Logitech mouse drivers

MARCH 25, 2004

I seem to have a continuous line of stories dealing with friend's windows machines. This is one of the "weirder" ones. One of my friends has a Windows 2000 box. She needed more memory, so we purchased it and installed it without a hitch. The problems arose when we restarted the machine...

Writing dynamically generated Javascript

MARCH 25, 2004

This week I had the need to write a rather complicated/messy piece of JavaScript. The basic task was as follows. We had 2 sets of 3 drop downs. Each set of 3 represented a time in a 24 hour day...

Elected DMOZ Editor

MARCH 19, 2004

Last night I was accepted to edit the largest Internet directory on the Web, Open Directory Project (ODP) or otherwise known as

QuickBooks API for PHP

MARCH 17, 2004

I've written an class that connects to a .NET QuickBooks API server that listens for xml requests and processes them. It has been in use on multiple sites now for over a year. I've made a decision to make the complete suite open source. The server is written is C# and there is a PHP class that connects to it...

Big Change at Google - Local Results in Main Stream

MARCH 17, 2004

Normally when you do a search in Google, you don't think about what is going on. You expect relevant results and don't give it a second thought. Google, today, took this one step further by adding Yellow Page results to its main stream search. That way they did this is transparent to the end user. Do a search on "

Neil Young and Technology

MARCH 15, 2004

Its seems like wherever I look, from technology magazines to farming politics, Neil Young pops up. In an interview by Wired magazine on Neil Young, is subtitled "The folk-country-grunge dinosaur is reborn (again) as an Internet-friendly, biodiesel-driven, multimedia machine...

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