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Just Won A Google TV

DECEMBER 14, 2010

I just won a Google TV, specifically a Logitech Revue with Google TV.

How did I win, well I applied as a developer at via the Google TV Web Developer Promotion and I actually won...

iPhone App Chanukah Gifts

DECEMBER 1, 2010

Did you know that you can "gift" an app to a friend, family member or co-worker? You can!

How great would it be to give someone you know with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad one of your favorite apps?

How Do You "Gift iPhone Apps"? Two Ways:

(1) Go to iTunes on your...

Free Viagra Spam

NOVEMBER 30, 2010

I received an email a few minutes ago stating, "I saw that you’ve got a good ranking on keywords like “free viagra” and I would like to know if you would be interested in working with online casinos."

I had to read that line twice...

webOS Developer Day

NOVEMBER 22, 2010

On Friday and Saturday I attended the HP webOS Developer Day 2010 in New York City...

Lava Lamps

NOVEMBER 19, 2010

For this years holiday gift we wanted to go a bit more on the geeky side. We went through a bunch of ideas and ultimately settled on the gift of lava, lava lamps that is.

We felt these lava lamps can sit nicely on a work desk or nightstand...

NY Red Bulls (Trick or) Treat

NOVEMBER 5, 2010

Remember the Red Bull office can prank the guys played on me a few weeks back? Don't? Go check it out now.

A week or so after we posted, a woman from Red Bull, I believed named Lisa called the office to speak with me. I wasn't in the office, so Ronnie conferenced me via my iPhone...

Number 8

OCTOBER 26, 2010

Last night Joseph Cohn's new baby was born and she makes for the 8th girl born into the RustyBrick family.

Out of all the baby births happening while working at RustyBrick, the eight of them, all are of the female gender...

Baby Business Travel

OCTOBER 25, 2010

I've talked about flying with a baby on my personal blog before. Yes, I've taken my baby on business trips before as well. But as babies become toddlers, mine is 17 months now, they become more opinionated and want certain things.

Let me first say, my kid was awesome on the flight to Chicago last week...

Red Bull Cans Take Over

OCTOBER 22, 2010

There are a few things that help us run from day to day here at RustyBrick. One is caffeine the other is a good sense of humor. Today both of these things came together and combined into something great, a prank on Barry.

First a little bit of back story...

Freshwater Aquarium for Geeks

OCTOBER 19, 2010

Four of the RustyBrick elite have been braving out the main entrance of our Rockland office for years...

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