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HTML5 Video on TravelShark for a Better Experience

JUNE 16, 2011

At RustyBrick I recently had the pleasure of working with TravelShark (formerly Swiftrank) to launch a new website for their featured hotel program...

Sinai to Cyberspace

JUNE 6, 2011

The Jewish holiday of Shavout is coming up Tuesday night and TorahCafe.com, a Jewish video site, interviewed us for their Shavout Webcast.

The interview is named From Sinai to Cyberspace and at 19 minutes and 15 seconds in, Ronnie Schwartz is interviewed about our various apps...

Speaking in Spain

MAY 23, 2011

Luis Ferrandiz invited me to speak in Madrid, Spain on search and SEO topics. I'll be speaking in two different locations, the first is at ISDI and the second is at the Red Innova event.

On June 14, 2011 I'll be in Madrid speaking at ISDI, Instituto Superior para el Desarrollo de Internet...

Custom Macbook Vinyl Decals at RustyBrick

MAY 18, 2011

Many RB blog readers are going to find the following statement blasphemous, but after a few years of owning my unibody Macbook, I've grown bored of its appearance. Yeah, I know it has nice minimalistic styling but after a while of staring at a plain silver laptop, I figured it was time for a change...

MobileMe iCal Failure

MAY 18, 2011

Earlier this week, I received an alert from Apple via Me.com that I had to upgrade my MobileMe calendar to the newer version because they have stopped syncing my information...

Mapping iPhone Siddur Users

MAY 6, 2011

Yesterday afternoon Google blogged about a visualization tool they created to show you where in the world Googlers were searching and which languages those searches were in. They also announced that they open sourced the platform to allow any developer use the globe feature...

New Facebook Worm Spreads Like Wildfire

MAY 4, 2011

 Earlier today (May 4, 2011) or possibly last night (May 3, 2011), I noticed a few odd posts on Facebook from friends with odd descriptions like "OMG this is amazing!" or "you MUST see this!" I didn't think anything of it and deleted the post...

QuickBooks 401k

APRIL 28, 2011

One of the many benefits of working at RustyBrick is our company matched 401(k) program.

The way we like do things at RustyBrick is by the most efficient method as possible. It is what we do, we design systems to maximize company efficiencies...

CBS Sunday Morning

APRIL 24, 2011

This morning, Sunday April 24th, CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood had a story on religion and technology since it is Easter Sunday.

As part of the segment, CBS interviewed RustyBrick and myself on our Jewish Prayer book, the iPhone Siddur...

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