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Free Viagra Spam

NOVEMBER 30, 2010

I received an email a few minutes ago stating, "I saw that you’ve got a good ranking on keywords like “free viagra” and I would like to know if you would be interested in working with online casinos."

I had to read that line twice...

My TV Debut

SEPTEMBER 13, 2010

As some of you know, at least the ones who read it on my personal blog, I was on national TV for the first time in my life.

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams asked me to be interviewed for the big announcement of Google Instant, primarily because they saw my predictions and knew they were...

SphinnCon Israel 2011

AUGUST 25, 2010

I am so happy to be able to help bring back the informal Search Marketing Expo event back to Israel. The event is named SphinnCon and it is the largest SEO/SEM focused Israel-based conference. You can register right now for only $75...

RustyBrick Spam

AUGUST 2, 2010

Image credit: love♡janine

This morning, I received a really nasty email from some anonymous person. The email read:


first_name.. alexiha last_name... alexiha title....... spammer company..... yours email....... spamselves@rustybrick.com telephone... interest.... other comments......

LinkedIn SEO

JULY 9, 2010

Recruiters or head hunters play a large role in most industries, especially Information Technology. The last few times I have looked for a new job recruiters have played a large role, even I didn't realize it at first. Many listings on popular job websites, such as Monster.com or CareerBuilder...

Another Successful SphinnCon Israel

MARCH 10, 2010

This past Sunday, March 7th, I helped organize the second ever largish SEO event in Israel. The event is a small Search Marketing Expo event named SphinnCon and it is the second time we had it in Israel...

PayPal Trashes Helpful Information in SEO Unfriendly Move

MARCH 5, 2010

When you have thousands of pages containing helpful information that are highly ranked in Google, there are two ways to move that information to a new domain: The right way, and the PayPal way...

Barry Schwartz Keynote at Market St. Louis

JANUARY 6, 2010

On April 1, 2010, I will be giving the keynote at the Market Saint Louis conference. The conference covers internet marketing topics on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Web Design.

Earlier this month, the conference announced that I will be the keynote speaker...

Hosting SMX Israel '10

DECEMBER 17, 2009

This week, I finally announced the SMX SphinnCon Israel event. I and my SEO/SEM colleagues from Israel have been planning it for a month or so prior and we finally announced it on Tuesday...

Use Google Page Speed Tool to Speed Up Your Site

NOVEMBER 17, 2009

With the vast majority of internet users surfing on high speed broadband connections (94% of active internet users in the USA), should we, as website owners and developers, even bother optimizing and shrinking our code, content, and resources? Yes! To stay ahead of your competitors, you want to have lightning quick...

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