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Adding English Translation to iPhone Siddur

FEBRUARY 2, 2010

One question we get fairly often about our iPhone Siddur is if we will be adding English. Up until recently, I have always told people we have no plans on adding English. The issue was, for us at least, finding a quality English translation. We have partnered with someone to bring English to the Siddur...

SSL Error in iTunes Connect

JANUARY 14, 2010

Imagine my reaction when I saw this error pop up!  iTunes Connect is the place where iPhone developers upload their apps for app to review.  Apple is super crazy about security.  Each one of their apps require tons of certificates...

Push Alerts in Siddur

JANUARY 14, 2010

A new version, version 4.2.3, of the iPhone Siddur is now available for download. The main change in this version is that we added push notifications to alert you of important and relevant information to this iPhone Siddur...

Hire Me iPhone App

DECEMBER 8, 2009

There are enough quiz apps for the iPhone to keep you busy for a lifetime. Well, we at RustyBrick are always trying to think out of the box.  That is exactly what we did when the time came to hire another web developer and another mobile app developer...

Apple's iPhone Tech Talk - '09

DECEMBER 1, 2009

The bus dropped me right outside the Marriot Marquis, the home of the 2009 iPhone Tech Talk.  Today should be interesting.  For me, these tech talks tend to be 20% learning new stuff, 40% working during listening, 10% getting answers for pressing questions and 30% meeting new people...

Find The Siddur on App Store Tree & Win

NOVEMBER 23, 2009

@Gartenberg tweeted a picture of the Apple Store being pretty busy and he snapped a picture of the iPhone App Holiday Trees on display in all the Apple Retail Stores. @BGribin noticed the picture and saw that our iPhone Siddur was one of the 100 icons on display on the tree...

iPhone Coming to Israel 12/10

NOVEMBER 19, 2009

My brother in Israel called me to ask me if I saw the YNet article (Google translate version) where they say the iPhone is coming to Israel in a "few days." I said, "that can't be true," I would have heard something about that...

iPhone Siddur 4.2 Submitted

NOVEMBER 18, 2009

We have just uploaded version 4.2 of the iPhone Siddur to Apple for their approval. We hope it gets approved swiftly, within two weeks - but we have very little control over that...

Apple Caves On In App Purchases

OCTOBER 15, 2009

I just got this email from Apple.  This changes everything! Originally, Apple did not allow you to have in-app purchases for free iPhone apps, in fear that developers would release apps with limited features to just force people to pay to release features...

iPhone Siddur in Native Hebrew

OCTOBER 15, 2009

As some of you know, we localized Shabbat Shalom in Hebrew about a month ago. It worked out well, so with the anticipation of the iPhone being officially supported in Israel, sometime in the near future, we decided to make our iPhone Siddur natively support Hebrew.

The process is now done and version...

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