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Apple iPhone & Verizon Wireless

MAY 6, 2010

Can you imagine the iPhone on Verizon Wireless? Forget the fact that the day Verizon supports the iPhone is the same day AT&T's network becomes stable. Forget the fact that so many more devices will be sold. More of our apps will be downloaded and that is what is important to iPhone App...

Apple's Newton & iPad

MAY 5, 2010

In 1993/4 or so, my dad had a MessagePad using the Apple Newton mobile platform. The Newton was well beyond its time and it was the iPad of the 90s - well, kind of. In any event, in high-school my dad got bored with it and I was the only one in my high-school with an Apple Newton...

iPhone Apps Work On iPhones, Not The Blackberry

APRIL 30, 2010

One of the most annoying questions we get here about our iPhone Apps are do they work on other devices, such as the Blackberry, Android or Palm Pre. We ever have people asking us if they work on iPod Classics. This question comes to us typically about twice per week, and sometimes more...

The iPad Torah

APRIL 27, 2010

Our first iPad only app was approved today, it is named the iPad Torah. The iPad Torah is basically a scan of the Torah (bible) scroll on your iPad. It adds a few nifty features as well...

Hebrew iPhone Luach iCal Subscriptions

APRIL 27, 2010

This is a small but very important enhancement for our Hebrew speaking users of the iPhone Siddur. Now, the method to subscribe to your Luach events, the Jewish events in your iPhone Siddur, now supports Hebrew characters...

English iPhone Siddur Available

APRIL 24, 2010

I am excited to let you know that English translation is now available as an in-app purchase (currently $8.99) for the iPhone Siddur. This has been a project we were working on for several months now and we even showed you a preview in February...

Possible iPhone 4G?

APRIL 19, 2010

Image credit: Gizmodo

Logging into Twitter this morning I saw posts stating a prototype of the iPhone 4G had been found in a bar in Redwood City, CA.  I thought this was just a spam post, but the article linked to Gizmondo, a pretty trustworthy site...

v4.4 iPhone Siddur

APRIL 14, 2010

After almost a month of waiting, version 4.4 of our iPhone Siddur is finally available on the iTunes Store as a free update. What is new?

The big update is push reminders for zmanim...

iPhone 4.0 Summary

APRIL 8, 2010

I watched the live coverage on two blogs, including GDGT and CNET and here are the quick bullet takeaways from what I felt is most important on the iPhone 4.0 announcement:

- iPhone 4...

Gift iPhone Apps

MARCH 22, 2010

One of the more popular questions we get from our Jewish iPhone app audience is, how can I give one of your apps as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah present. Until now, there really wasn't a good way to do this. But now, you can "Gift" iOS Apps. You can gift apps either directly on your iPhone or on iTunes...

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