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iPhone Users Dominate Us

AUGUST 10, 2010

I was checking our stats today and was curious what type of user base is using mobile devices to view our site...

iPhone EPS Template

AUGUST 5, 2010

Surely I don't really mean "BLOW IT UP!" but yes I really do urge you to do so!

One of our clients came to us yesterday with an urgent project...

Happy 2nd Birthday iPhone Siddur

AUGUST 4, 2010

iPhone Siddur was first approved by Apple for inclusion in the iTunes App Store...

Google AdSense vs Apple iAds

JULY 26, 2010

We have been testing Apple iAds in some of our free apps as an additional way to monetize those apps. We have tried Google AdSense Mobile Ads as well and some other networks. We pretty much are testing Google AdSense Mobile Application Ads versus Apple's new iAds...

Beware Of MobileMe Beta

JULY 23, 2010

I am the type of guy that wants to try the latest and greatest of everything. I do sometimes run beta software for that reason. Of course, there are certain applications I would never run in beta, and one of those - should have been my calendar software...

Tisha B'Av With Netflix

JULY 20, 2010

I found myself in Shul (Synagogue) tonight, Tisha B'Av - an important Jewish fast day remembering our hard times specifically the destruction of the two Temples, and was about to use my paper Eicha when I actually remembered I can use my iPhone Tanach App...

Sefard English Siddur Translation

JULY 19, 2010

As many of you know, we submitted a new version of the iPhone Siddur to Apple for approval. That has now been approved are is ready for download. The big news is that English translation is now available for Nusach Sefard, but there are other updates as well...

Lose It! Review

JULY 16, 2010

I absolutely love food and have a pretty healthy body image. Left to my own devices I'd pick and snack during the day, put heavy cream in my coffee and eat fast food breakfast sandwiches. A few years ago I found myself roughly forty pounds overweight and in Florence, Italy where everyone was sleek and beautiful...

My Free AT&T MicroCell

JULY 16, 2010

If you're familiar with AT&T, you've probably heard of the AT&T 3G MicroCell. It's a femtocell (a weird, orange router thingy) that connects to modem or internet router and creates a 'mini cellphone tower' in your house to give you excellent service in your house...

iPhone 4.0.1 Released: Do bigger bars mean more bars?

JULY 15, 2010

The much anticipated first update to iOS4 went public this morning. Since the iPhone antenna issue was first mentioned, Apple has been working on a possible software fix to address the issue. Apple has already seen plenty of public backlash, including a dip in stock prices after rumors of a possible...

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