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iPhone Tefillin Mirror

JUNE 28, 2010

Since we all now have the iPhone 4 in our hands, we wanted to introduce some iPhone 4 specific features into the App Store.

We are releasing a Tefillin Mirror for the Siddur and also as a free standalone app for the iPhone 4...

Fix Visual Voicemail on iPhone 4

JUNE 25, 2010

We are all loving our iPhone 4's so far, but we are experiencing minor issues here and there. For example, Matt and I were having a strange issue on our new phones...

New iPhone 4 Upgrades do not have Facetime?

JUNE 24, 2010

Well, the new iPhone has offically launched with today's store release. Naturally, RustyBrick was on hand to get our brand new iPhones. However, at least 2 of us here at the office have had a serious issue when upgrading our old 3G phones to the new iPhone...

iPhone 4s In Hand

JUNE 24, 2010

This morning, several of us at RustyBrick arrived at the Apple Store at Tices Corner to pick up our pre-ordered iPhone 4 devices. I arrived at 2am, whereas most of us arrived at 4am and Matt is still waiting on the line...

iPhone Reservation: Are You Safe?

JUNE 24, 2010

I am sitting here at Apple Store at Tice's Corner with many of the RustyBrickers, with my iPhone confirmation pickup email...

Spoofed Team Over iPhone 4

JUNE 23, 2010

As you know, many of us here pre-ordered the iPhone 4 and many of us are picking them up in a store.

So it turns out, most people who pre-ordered and picked the FedEx delivery are now getting them today...

Apple Approved Apps In 24 Hours

JUNE 21, 2010

For the first time in our two years of submitting apps to Apple, Apple has approved two of our Apps in just about 24 hours from us submitting them. Typically, Apple takes about 5 to 7 days for Apple to approve or reject an app...

Yahoo Divides Jerusalem Causing App Bug

JUNE 18, 2010

First, let me warn anyone using our Jewish iPhone Apps specifically the ones that use Zmanim classes such as the iPhone Siddur or Shabbat Shalom App or Mikvah App that the times may be wrong. We are working on an immediate fix and hope Apple approves it ASAP...

600K iPhone 4 Pre-Ordered

JUNE 16, 2010

I just read from Apple that they pre-sold over 600,000 iPhone 4 phones in a single day. Well, actually in less than a single day.

iPhone 4 pre-ordering was first enabled about 4am (EST) yesterday. Throughout the day, most people were unable to order due to server issues at AT&T...

Guitar Toolkit Review

JUNE 16, 2010

When the app store for the iPhone/iPod Touch came out, the marketplace was flooded with to do lists and other similar apps. Then people started finding 'creative' uses for the special hardware and processing power of the iPhone. One of the earliest examples is Agile Partner's Guitar Toolkit...

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