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2018 ShulCloud Conference Recap

JULY 11, 2018

The annual ShulCloud conference, an event for our synagogue customers, took place yesterday and it was by far our biggest and most successful event...

Cold Calling Recorded Lines

JUNE 20, 2018

People that know me, know that I am a horrible salesman, so this is a disclaimer to this blog post before you listen to any sales advice from me.

In the past couple months or so, I had two sales people cold call me and told me that I am on a recorded line...

Asking RustyBrick For Google Support

MAY 31, 2018

For years and years people have been calling us at RustyBrick asking if we are Google and if we can provide Google support.  I just had no idea why so many people every week would call us asking for Google support...

Why Is RustyBrick Better?

MAY 16, 2018

When speaking with prospects about our company, they always want to know why RustyBrick is better than the next web and mobile design shop around the corner...

Google Maps Video Reviews

MAY 7, 2018

Google has been sending out videos to some of businesses that have Google My Business listings (Google Maps or local listings).  These videos are marketing materials that Google automatically generated based on your Google review history on your local listings in Google Maps...

Office A/C Never Works Right

MAY 1, 2018

There is something about offices and A/C units that just don't get along.  I am not talking about no one in the office agreeing about the temperature the thermostats are set to. I am talking about the A/C units simply not working...

Ordered A Book On Amazon

APRIL 24, 2018

Like most people, I order a lot of stuff on Amazon - I am one of the 100,000 million customers that have Amazon Prime.  But I rarely order books.  Don't get me wrong, I read all day long and I also write all day long - but in terms of books, normally I do not order books on Amazon...

Office Lunch During Passover

APRIL 4, 2018

I have to say, I absolutely hate lunch during Chol HaMoed (weekday) of Passover.  In general, eating kosher for Passover food isn't great and is very expensive.  But when it comes to bringing food to the office for lunch during the week, it is just not enjoyable...

Insurance For Insurance

FEBRUARY 1, 2018

The topic of insurance is not a popular one for really anyone, including individuals or businesses.  In fact, most people I know hate the insurance renewal period because it often means less coverage for more money...

Getting Ready For GDPR

JANUARY 30, 2018

General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR for short, are a set of new requirements and regulations that aim at protecting the members and subjects of the European Union.  There is an official web site set up for this at eugdpr.org and acts as an aid for both members and companies on what is...

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