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iAds In Our Apps

JULY 13, 2010

As many of you know, Apple released their own mobile ad network named iAds. Until now, most of our apps had Google Ads, while some used AdMob (which is now owned by Google). Two of our apps now will display both Apple iAds and Google Ads based on a frequency we determine...

Fix Visual Voicemail on iPhone 4

JUNE 25, 2010

We are all loving our iPhone 4's so far, but we are experiencing minor issues here and there. For example, Matt and I were having a strange issue on our new phones...

New iPhone 4 Upgrades do not have Facetime?

JUNE 24, 2010

Well, the new iPhone has offically launched with today's store release. Naturally, RustyBrick was on hand to get our brand new iPhones. However, at least 2 of us here at the office have had a serious issue when upgrading our old 3G phones to the new iPhone...

Apple's Newton & iPad

MAY 5, 2010

In 1993/4 or so, my dad had a MessagePad using the Apple Newton mobile platform. The Newton was well beyond its time and it was the iPad of the 90s - well, kind of. In any event, in high-school my dad got bored with it and I was the only one in my high-school with an Apple Newton...

Possible iPhone 4G?

APRIL 19, 2010

Image credit: Gizmodo

Logging into Twitter this morning I saw posts stating a prototype of the iPhone 4G had been found in a bar in Redwood City, CA.  I thought this was just a spam post, but the article linked to Gizmondo, a pretty trustworthy site...

iPhone 4.0 Summary

APRIL 8, 2010

I watched the live coverage on two blogs, including GDGT and CNET and here are the quick bullet takeaways from what I felt is most important on the iPhone 4.0 announcement:

- iPhone 4...

Ordered The iPad

MARCH 12, 2010

At 8:30am (EST), I went to the Apple Store online and ordered an iPad. I finished my order at about 8:32, so may have been one of the first to order the iPad. The iPad will be delivered on Saturday, April 3rd.

We ordered only one iPad, and we ordered the 16GB Wifi...

iTunes 10B Song Download Is On...

FEBRUARY 15, 2010

Remember the days when getting music meant leaving your chair and driving to a store? Remember having to buy a whole album of filler to get that one great song you heard on the radio? iTunes didn't only change the way music was distributed... it changed music. This is why the upcoming milestone is so momentus...

Apple's iPhone Tech Talk - '09

DECEMBER 1, 2009

The bus dropped me right outside the Marriot Marquis, the home of the 2009 iPhone Tech Talk.  Today should be interesting.  For me, these tech talks tend to be 20% learning new stuff, 40% working during listening, 10% getting answers for pressing questions and 30% meeting new people...

Using Apple Safari is Like Going On a Real Safari

NOVEMBER 5, 2009

[Photo Credit: Safari Sucks]

My girlfriend and I love our Apple Macbooks. We're Mac fans. While most of my work gets done on Windows machines, most of my "fun" is on my Mac. Why? Because Apple software is excellent...

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