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Passover Cleaning

MARCH 26, 2010

Passover is around the corner and it is an interesting time here at the office. Besides the fact that the bosses are out for part of the holiday, there is the whole process of cleaning the office of all "Chametz" from the office...

My New Office

FEBRUARY 4, 2010

We are having a space issue here at RustyBrick. The office management people won't let us go into a new space, without keeping our current lease. This is even though we would like to give up this space, for more space with them - they would be making more money - go figure...

Anthony Gets Punk'd

JANUARY 27, 2010

As everyone knows by now we work hard here at RustyBrick, but we also have a lot of fun...

Our Very Own Kippahs

JANUARY 21, 2010

Today, we received a surprise package from rushIMPRINT, a promotional product company. The package included five RustyBrick embroidered Kippahs (see Wikipedia for what they are).

I have a lot history with branded Kippahs. It started back when I ordered an LED Kippah, which I never got...

Woot Bag Of Crap BOC pictures

JANUARY 19, 2010

Let me begin by saying, if you don't know what Woot.com is... you're missing out! Woot.com is the website that started the "One Day, One Deal" phenomenon seen on many sites now. Basically, their gimmick is that Woot.com sells one item per day (usually an electronics item) at a great price...

Weird RustyBrick iTunes Shared Library Hijinks

JANUARY 14, 2010

At RustyBrick, most of us use iTunes to listen to music. iTunes has simple library sharing built-in so you can view and listen to other users' music libraries over the local area network...

Awww Yeah! Coffee!!!!

JANUARY 5, 2010

One of my first comments to Ronnie my first day of work was, "Where's the coffee maker?" It wasn't where's the bathroom, or, where's my desk, or anything of the sort. Later that day a brand new coffee maker magically appeared! A few months later, it shorted and died...

RB Trip To See Avatar

DECEMBER 30, 2009

Yesterday, I tweeted that I want to see Avatar, but my wife has no interest in seeing it...

Meet Ajax, Alex's Pet

DECEMBER 29, 2009

I guess I have been living in some type of hole, I just found out that Alex's (@FesikTheWise) pet, a guinea pig, is named Ajax. Yea, Ajax, as in the web technology used often these days. I 'interviewed' Alex, not Ajax (although I would have, if Ajax could talk) about his pet...

UFC Action Figures from Round 5 MMA

DECEMBER 22, 2009

(*Click on any image in this blog post to see full size!)

RustyBrick programmers have a wide range of interests and hobbies. A few of us here, myself included, are huge fans of MMA (mixed martial arts) and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)...

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