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All of Tanach on Your iPhone

December 3, 2008

We did it! We made a complete Tanach for your iPhone. You can read all of Tanach, directly on your iPhone. But not only that, you can also search it! I posted the details at rustybrick.com/iphone/tanach, and...

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Hebrew Email iPhone Client

November 25, 2008

One of the top requests is to build a Hebrew keyboard. The Hebrew keyboard is not officially supported by Apple yet, so we built one based on an image. Why is this important? Now, people can type, email and search...

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2.0 Release for iPhone Kosher App

November 21, 2008

We just pushed version 2.0 of iPhone Kosher app to Apple. Hopefully it will be published soon. The update is pretty significant. Here are the details: (1) Added hundreds of restaurants from Israel, England and...

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The iPhone Menorah

November 18, 2008

We uploaded the iPhone Menorah to Apple's App Store today, I assume it will be approved by the end of this week and available for FREE download to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Here is a preview of what it...

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Kosher Restaurants iPhone Application

November 10, 2008

We are almost done building out a Kosher application for the iPhone. Here are some screen captures. Note, we get our data from a new site named notjustgefilte.com and they have over 2,000 records in their database. ...

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iPhone's Little Black Book

November 5, 2008

I am very excited to announce that today, we posted the first release of the iPhone Little Black Book. The name says it all. It basically is an application to securely keep track of your dates. It is a database...

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Introducing: iPhone Shabbat Shalom...

September 12, 2008

Update: This is now live and can be downloaded for free. More details over here. שבת or Shabbos or Shabbat is the every Friday night through Saturday night. It is basically the time Jewish...

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Parking Meter for iPhone Now Available

September 8, 2008

Wanted to let you guys know that we release a new iPhone or iPod Touch app named the iPhone Parking Meter. It has several features, including a timer countdown, camera snap shots, location notes, GPS tracker,...

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Tefilla Pack Comes to iPhone

August 20, 2008

Why not, we just released a fairly comprehensive iPhone Tefilla Pack for the iPhone and/or iPod Touch. It basically has a collection of popular prayers (tefillas) and 'segulos' that Jews say. Yes, we have three...

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RB Brings Tehillim App to iPhone

August 13, 2008

We are glad to announce that we have brought another Jewish application to the iPhone. this one is named Tehilim, also known as Psalms. To buy it in iTunes, go to http://www.rustybrick.com/iphone/tehilim/get or...

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